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doubles 2016

Thank you for visiting and welcome to the FOP Doubles Disc Golf Tournament.

This yearís tournament will take place on June 18th, 2016.

We are now the home of the $3000 Ace.To learn more, click on the tab for more information.

†† This tournament pits teams of two against each other in a partnerís best battle for the lowest score. Winners will have their names immortalized on the LEEP Trophy. Whether you are a first time tournament player or a seasoned veteran, this is the tournament for you. There are four divisions available for entry, which are:

Open/Pro (Pro): Declared by PDGA standards or can average only 3 shots per hole

Amateur One (AM1): Usually will average course par to a few strokes over

Amateur Two (AM2): Will average a few strokes over course par to several

Rookie: First time tournament players, juniors, and those just having some fun


(The above is just a suggestion on where to place yourself and is based on if you were playing alone.This is a doubles tournament so your team score will usually be significantly better than your score when playing by yourself.It is not recommended to sand bag, as the prizes are better for the higher divisions.)

†† Again this year there will be $450 added to the pro prize pool. AM1 and AM2 divisions will be paid out as cash prizes guaranteed to the first three positions.Rookies will receive merchandise and gift cards from local businesses for their prizes guaranteed for the first three positions.Payouts are subject to change and could expand depending on participation levels.To register, click on the tab to your left.